Finest foods for breakfast

On our breakfast buffet, you will find a variety of regional sausage and cheese specialities, as well as our homemade marmelades. Do not miss out on our daily changing delicacies, such as our Bavarian veal sausage breakfast, smoked salmon on sundays, as well as pancakes or crêpes with our homemade stewed apples with cinnamon, fresh vegetables, antipasti and numerous muesli variations. But also crusty bread rolls and pretzels freshly baken from our regional bakery, various juices, buttermilk variations and our homemade pastries and hearty egg dishes enable a delightful start in the day.

For us it is self-evident to show consideration to your wishes and allergies. Please let us know in time. 

Our late riser's breakfast promises you energy for the whole day and is included in the room price!