Summer holidays in the Allgäu

Whether you like comfortable walks or storming the peaks, there is an extensive network of paths in the mountains to choose from.

On the gentle hills and green meadows, there's only one thing to do: get on your bike and explore the region.

If water is your element, then the clear natural lakes, the idyllic ponds or the numerous rivers will delight you. 

We will be very pleased to help you plan your tours!

Perfect activities for an adventurous holiday


With a well-filled rucksack, some time and a good enough condition, hiking through the picturesque landscape of the Allgäu is bound to be a pleasure. Beautifully placed and well-maintained paths are waiting for casual walkers and more experienced, well-trained hikers. With the mountain cable cars, you will be out surrounded by nature in next to no time and there is nothing more to prevent a hike in the high mountains.

Our recommendations for your holidays in the Allgäu :

  • Tour 1: Three Castles trail
  • Tour 2: Schwangauer circular route
  • Tour 3: Route around lake Schwansee with Alpenrosenweg path
  • Tour 4: Lake Alpsee circular route
  • Tour 5: walk through the Kurpark
  • Tour 6: Oberer Winterzugweg route
  • Tour 7: culture trail Schutzengelweg
  • Tour 8: nature trail Ahornreitweg
  • Tour 9: hiking trail to Drehhütte (mountain hut)
  • Tour 10: Mountain Säuling
  • Tour 11: hike to Kenzenhütte (mountain hut)
  • Tour 12: Tegelberg, Jägerhütte hut, Bleckenau hut
  • Tour 13: hike from Tegelberg to Buchenbergbahn mountain railway
  • Tour 14: Tegelberg, Pöllat gorge, Gipsmühle

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Lakeland in the vicinity of Schwangau

The picturesque lakes around Schwangau provide various possibilities to have fun in and near the water. Those who feel bored during a stroll or hike will find pleasure in water activities:  It does not matter whether you would like to sail or surf, swim or row, fish or paddle – everything is offered in our region.

Lake Forggensee - in close proximity to our hotel

The Forggensee is 12 km long and 3 km wide - it is the largest lake in the Allgäu. With a surface of 16 km² even the fourth largest lake in Bavaria. The lake is a reservoir (built in the 1950s) of the river Lech. It is used as  storage of the downstream hydroelectric power stations. Due to the snow melting in spring when the Lech carries a lot of water, the Forggensee can show its great importance in regulating the water flow concerning flood control. What is special about the lake Forggensee: Only in summer from the 1st June to mid October the artificial lake is full water level. During  this time nobody can imagine that it is an artificial lake, as it perfectly fits into the landscape.

Lake Alpsee

The Alpsee is located underneath Hohenschwangau Castle. With its circumference of 4.5 km it does not only invite our guests for a stroll but also it was the favourite lake of King Ludwig. Even today it attracts many people with its romantic appearance. If you like you can rent a pedal or rowing boat to have cruise on the lake - in doing this you can enjoy the magnificent view. If you like to have swim there is also the bathing area.  

Lake Schwansee

If you follow the paths of the former park around the lake, you will walk on historical traces. In fact, almost all paths were planned and created almost 160 years ago. At that time, it was the Court society who was strolling through the park.   Today, you get enchanted with the incredible charme of nature and biodiversity. In summer lake Schwansee is an ideal bathing lake far away from any traffic. The lake is not really deep and thus is known for gettig warm fast. You can also walk or cycle round easily  - it is only about 3 km. The lake with its surroundings also invites you to have a rest with a comfy picnic.

Lake Bannwaldsee

The standing water is almost completely surrounded by swampland and reed belts, it lies in a nature conversation park (560 hectares large). The swamp area offers breeding places for many rare bird species. This fact strenghtens the ecological value of this area. Due to the reserve you can only walk around the lake widely. In summer you can swim and fish here.

Lake Hopfensee

The lake which is approx. 10 km away is considered as one of the warmest pre-alpine lakes. With a circumference of 6.8 km the lake is best suitable for a 2-hour circular walk directly at the waterside. Due to its shallow water and shore the lake is also qualified for families. Water sports enthusiasts and active lake fans also have the possibility to have a nice boat tour on the lake by renting a boat at the local rowing and pedal boat rental. But you can also just watch the ambitious surfers at wind- or kitesurfing or sailing. At the promenade await you many restaurants and cafés to have a cup of coffee or a cold beer.



Tegelbergbahn, Breitenbergbahn and Buchenberg mountain railways

Those three mountain railways are the gates to the biggest nature reserve in Bavaria, the Ammergebirge. All around the Tegelberg you can enjoy a number of leisure activities, such as for example cultural highlights, natural beauty spots and hang-gliding or paragliding. As a guest of our hotel you can enjoy the view from the Tegelberg cheaper - get your discounted ticket at the reception!  

Nordic Walking

In Schwangau there are several well-signed Nordic Walking routes, offering a range from easy to moderate right up to challenging. Discover this ideal form of whole-body training and practice to gain endurance, strength, mobility and coordination. The routes start either at the tourist information in Schwangau or the parking at lake Schwansee.    

GEO Trail Pfronten

Mountains are our geological heritage. The Geo Trail is an extensive whole-day tour, but you can also complete it in three half-day stages. It gives you an impression of the unique nature and beauty of the landscape, inspiring you with background knowledge and raising your awareness so that you perceive our environment in a new way.   

Shipping on Lake Forggensee

Passenger shipping on lakes is very popular in Bavaria. The shipping season on Lake Forggensee is from 01. June to 15. October. The passenger ships named MS "Allgäu" and MS "Füssen" start their tour several times each day from the boat port in Füssen. You can book a short or long boat tour. The exclusive and unique view on Neuschwanstein Castle, the Alps and the Füssen skyline is included for free! On board you can have small snacks, ice cream, drinks, as well as coffee or tea and a piece of cake. During the long tour also warm and light meals are offered.

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Golf course "Auf der Gsteig"

The 18-hole golf course "Auf der Gsteig" perfectly fits into the Allgäu landscape and its mountains and lakes. This golf course is a must for every golfer! Please keep in mind to book your preferred playing time in advance especially on weekends but also during the week.

Golfanlage Auf der Gsteig GmbH
Gsteig 1, D-86983, Lechbruck am See
Tel.: +49 (8862) 98 77 50

Other golf courses in our region:

  • Golfplatz Oberallgäu – 18 hole
  • Golfplatz Sonnenalp – 18 hole
  • Golfplatz Wiggensbach – 27 hole
  • Golfplatz Hellengerst – 18 hole
  • Golfplatz Lenzfried – 9 hole
  • Golfplatz Ottobeuren – 18 hole
Cycling and bike rental

An extensive network of routes in and around Schwangau has many beautiful destinations waiting for cyclists. The tour around the Forggensee (32 km) is very popular, as is a trip to the World Heritage Site of the Wieskirche (25 km).   

Mountain bikers can power across the "Hochalp Forstweg", the "Ostler Forstweg" or around the big Breitenberg route. All you want is the downhill run? No problem, the cable cars are happy to transport your bikes.

Our hotel is the ideal starting point for an adventure with your mountainbike. In the Allgäu you will find a lot of wonderful bicycle tours for beginners and advanced cyclists. You can discover the fabulous nature of the Allgäu during a one-day or multi-day mountainbiketour.

You like to leave your bike at home? - No problem! Just rent your bike at our bike rental.  To have a maximum of fun we offer you trekking and e-bikes. Mountainbikes only on request.

Cycling tours for pleasure

A tour around Lake Forggensee - extendable via Lake Bannwaldsee

approx. 31 km long, completely tarred, approx. 250 m elevation gain


Schwangau – Füssen – Osterreinen – Dietringen – Roßhaupten – Illasbergsee – Kniebis – Hergatsrieder See – Schwangau
expandable alternativ route from Kniebis: Berghof – Bayerniederhofen – Bannwaldsee – Schwangau

Requirement: easy route

Easy bike tour with a longer climb and a few uphills on bike paths and farm roads as well as side roads with little traffic. In the summer season from 01. June until about mid-October, the bike tour can be combined with a boat trip of the Städtische Forggenseeschifffahrt. Around the lake you will find eight stops where you can transfer to the boat with your bike. Timetables are available at the tourist information.


Around the Dreiländereck - extendable via Kniepass

approx. 25 km long, mainly tarred, between the crossing to Austria and Schluxen as well as Ulrichsbrücke and Ziegelwies sand / gravel, approx. 270 m elevation gain

Route: Schwangau - Hohenschwangau - Alpsee - Fürstenstraße - border - Schluxen - Pinswang - Weißhaus - Ziegelwies - Schwangau

Requirement: very easy / extendable via Kniepass: easy

Along the Alpsee to Schluxen, Tyrol. On the shady Fürstenstraße there are some ascents, the descent to Austria is not asphalted and relatively steep. The tour can be extended from Schluxen with a ride over the Kniepass to Reutte by about 15 km (60 m elevation gain) with return via Musau.


Day trip to the church Wieskirche

approx. 55 km long, mainly paved, 500 m between Resle and Wieskirche only paved, approx. 250 m elevation gain

Route: Schwangau - Brunnen - Bannwaldsee - Buching - Halblech - Trauchgau - Oberreithen - Schober - Resle - Wieskirche

Requirement: easy

Along the Romantic Road to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the rococo jewel "Wieskirche". The majority of the route (approx. 20 km) you ride on quiet flat paths, only on the last section (approx. 9 km) from the Trauchgauer Almstube there are ascents. You should definitely allow time to visit the church. The return journey follows the same route in reverse.


Around Lake Hopfensee

approx. 23 km, mostly paved, approx. 40 m elevation gain.

Schwangau - Horn - Füssen boat harbor - Hopfen am See - Füssen - Schwangau.

Requirement: easy

In Schwangau via Horn and the energy supply plant Allgäuer Überlandwerk to Füssen boat harbor. Cross the B16, on the cycle track to Hopfen am See, 300 m after the end of Hopfen turn left to Reinertshof. Drive south on the OAL 2 for approx. 400 m, then continue on the field path to the left to the Wiesbauer restaurant, briefly on the shore path of Lake Hopfensee, then turn right in the direction of Füssener Ach, turn left on the cycle path to Hopfen / Füssen and back to Schwangau.



Tips for mountain bike fans

Mountain bike tour Bleckenau and Jägerhütte mountain huts

approx. 25 km long, 50% of the route not paved, about 620m in elevation gain

Schwangau - Hohenschwangau - Jugendsattel - Bleckenau - Jägerhütte.

Requirement: difficult

After leaving the town of Hohenschwangau, after 200 m turn right onto a dirt road to the Jugendsattel. Cross this saddle and follow the water pipe path with the signpost towards the mountain Säuling until you reach the mountain hut Bleckenau. Follow the signs further to the Jägerhütte hut. The surface is mostly unpaved, on the approx. 10 km to Bleckenau you cover about 390m in elevation gain and about another 200m in elevation gain on the remaining route (approx. 3 km) to the Jägerhütte hut.


Mountain bike tour to the Kenzenhütte hut via Wankerfleck

approx. 55 km, about 20 km unpaved roads, approx. 1000m elevation gain

Schwangau -  Lake Hegratsrieder See - Halblech - Lobental - Lettenfelck - Leiterau - Kenzenhütte (1285 m).

Requirement: Very high requirement on condition and driving ability.

In Schwangau over Brunnen direction Hegratsrieder lake. After Greith turn right (not to Lake Forggensee circular route!) direction Pfefferbichel and Buching. After Berghof cross the OAL 1, turn left and cycle towards Halblech parallel to the B17. In Halblech from the Kenzen-parking at the crossing turn right into the Halblech valley. Continue in the direction of Kenzenhütte hut. Approx. 4 km after the crossing, before the Reiselsberger bridge, turn right onto the forest road "Lobental" (footpath to Kenzenhütte). At the next crossroads straight on in the direction of Lettenfleck, Kenzenhütte, Tegelberg.

At the path triangle, cross the bridge in the direction of Leiterau (not in the direction of Kenzenhütte!) and continue straight on in the direction of Brandnerfleck, Tegelberg. Only after about 3 km turn left towards Bockstallsee, Wankerfleck, Kenzenhütte. After Bockstallsee turn left over the bridge towards Kenzenhütte. The return journey can be made via the tarred road to Halblech. Attention: A shuttle bus operates on the car-free road!

Tips for racing cyclists

approx. 100 km long, about 88m in elevation gain.

Schwangau - Füssen - Ziegelwies - Pinswang - Reutte - Plansee - Ammersattel - Linderhof Castle - Oberammergau - Unterammergau - Unternogg - Hausen - Schildschwaig - Schwarzenbach - Wieskirche - Resle - Schober - Unter- / Oberreithen - Trauchgau - Halblech - Buching - Bannwaldsee - Schwangau

Info: approx. 70 km long, approx. 480m elevation gain

Schwangau - Ziegelwies - Pinswang - Reutte - Weißenbach - Gaichtpass - Grän - Pfronten - Vils - Ziegelwies - Füssen - Schwangau.