Pamper your body and skin!

During your holiday, you have other priorities. This is the time to take care of your body and pamper yourself without hustle.

Whether you choose an established classic or an unusual massage, the touch will help you to loosen up blockages, to find your balance and to regain vitality and mobility.

A gentle beauty treatment will enliven your skin, give your complexion a glow and ensure a harmonious look. 

Please reserve your appointments in good time!


Wellness - an experience for the senses

Sensual aromatherapy oil massage

Pure essential oils are blended with almond oil and massaged gently into your skin. Tense muscles are eased and the circulation in your tissues is optimised. The oils have a psychologically calming effect and care for your skin. They create new strength and vitality.

60 min € 75.00


Pampering treatment for backs

Just relax and have tensions relieved in the back, shoulders and neck.

45 min € 49.00


Relaxing Head and Neck Massage

The head and neck massage is a popular treatment that works to induce relaxation to your face, head, neck, and shoulder area. Using firm, gentle pressure to relieve tension, the aim is to remove blockages and bring back balance and alignment to the energy channels.

30 min € 39.00


Hot stone massage

Basalt stones are placed on the body's energy centres. Massage and stroking with the warm stones relaxes the muscles and stimulates the blood circulation, improving the oxygen supply to the tissues.

60 min € 75.00


Glove peeling with a warm oil massage

At first, dead skin cells are removed with a peeling glove. The skin pores open up and the oil can penetrate deep into your skin, while you can relax entirely. After that your skin will feel smooth and soft.

60 min € 75.00


Leg & Foot massage

If you have aching and tired feet, our foot & leg massage is just the thing! No matter, whether it is after a bicycle or hiking tour, or after a visit in the castles - This massage will give wings to you.

30 min € 39.00


Beauty treatments - naturally beautiful!

Classic facial treatment

Cleansing with milk and tonic, followed by a peeling, a facial steam bath with deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping and depilation of the upper lip. Finally, an individual face pack and gentle massage will ensure a radiant look.

80 min € 84.00


Basic treatment

Cleansing with milk and tonic, followed by a peeling, an individual face pack and a gentle massage. The treatment is completet with a facial mask.

60 min € 64.00


Special treatment

Deep cleansing, skin test peeling, eyebrow shaping, dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows, massage of face, décolleté and neck. Afterwards, we will pamper you with a special mask and a skin regeneration ampoule.

90 min € 94.00


Pure wellness

Deep cleansing, coffee-cocoa peeling, massage of face, décolleté and neck, collagen-elastin ampoule to regenerate the skin and an individual mask. Foot and hand peeling, meridian massage, pack to improve circulation in the feet and a paraffin pack for the hands. 

100 min € 115.00


Gentlemen's Special

Daily shaving attacks the natural film of oils on the skin and irritates it. A nourishing skin treatment will protect your skin and make it more resistant. 

Skin cleansing, Vapozone, mask, special eye care plus an intensive massage of the face, neck and throat.

70 min € 74.00


Relaxing treatment

Massage of face, décolleté, throat and neck, Asian foot and hand peeling, meridian massage, pack to improve circulation in the feet and a paraffin pack for the hands.

60 min € 74.00


Complete hand care

Pampering programme for stressed hands, including hand peel, hand bath, manicure, hand massage plus a nourishing paraffin bath.

70 min € 67.00


Wellness foot care

Feel-good foot care programme with foot bath, peeling, pedicure, massage and finishing care.

60 min € 60.00


Additional offers
Nail varnish  
Clear varnish* €3.00
Coloured varnish* €8.00
Beauty applications  
Eyelash perm €50.00
Eyebrow dyeing* €13.00
Eyelash dyeing* €17.00
Eyebrow and eyelash dyeing* €25.00
Eyebrow styling* €12.00
Hair removal  
Complete legs €56.00
Lower leg including knee €35.00
Groin/armpit €20.00
Back/shoulders €30.00
Upper lip* €8.00

*can only be booked in combination with a cosmetic application



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